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OurUMH like
technology will increase the amount of subscribers per 1000 during 14 days.

UMH like – it’s not only the software to increase the amount of targeted subscribers of your accounts in social networks. Either, it’s the set of measures designed to cooperate with the audience and the website. We analyse your product/service so as to elaborate appropriate furtherance strategy and optimize your website for social networks as well. We arrange regular promotions and announcements within the publics in order to stimulate your potential customer interest. We announce informative and interactive stuff, launch advertisements targeted at your potential audience, provide detailed promotion statistic within social media. You can choose appropriate tariff plan and get more information by clicking on the link..
By creating a representation of the company in social networks, you create a separate site for each of them. Your group into Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki will have original design and contain all the main sections of the site, including your best photo. Own microblog on Twitter will display all the news and updates of your website, which also contributes to the quality of indexing of new materials in the search engines.

Why do we still need SMM?

Promotion in popular Socio cetyah has several components, each of which brings a benefit promoted by a separate resource:

You know - you trust! Image component.

A wide and presentable group in a social network, combined with the popularity of this group among the users of the online community, as well as, a large number of members of the group give your brand recognition and increase the credibility of your company.

Increase your sales! Engage your target audience.

In order to attract the attention of Internet users to your group, our experts use as a targeted advertising, and individual searches for clients in the social networks, the dissemination of advertisements in the popular group, application, posting links to third-party group on resources (websites, blogs, other social networks). As a result, the group is filled with participants, most of whom are your potential customers.

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How do we work?

1. We create a group on the social networks Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki for your business, which feature a unique design.
2. We fill the group interesting and useful to your target audience the content.
3. Engaging in groups takes place exclusively among your target audience. As practice shows, the average monthly attracted about 200 & laquo; live & raquo; users on one page.
4. To increase the number of interested users, be sure to take advantage of & laquo; targeted advertising & raquo ;. We guarantee that this will see only the advertising potential customers!

The strategy works:

& Bull; Create a branded design to the style of your company;
& Bull; Surgical placement of relevant and entertaining posts;
& Bull; The increase in audience in social networks;
& Bull; Fast feedback and dialogue with potential clients;
& Bull; Conducting of competitions and interactive development;
& Bull; Carrying out targeted advertising campaign.
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At the end of the month you receive a detailed report on the work done. On the second and subsequent months of work you can observe a tendency to increase in new members and beneficial acts. In addition to the key performance indicators, we can provide a comprehensive analysis and options to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Tariffs for SMM

ГThe main advantage of Maximum package – unique group design