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Website based on
UMH system engine will increase the cash income of your business by 30-70% till one month!

It seems impossible, however the customers are being allured by the properly designed and developed website from the very first days of it’s existence. You can be sure getting the durable and effective engine, choosing our “UMH system” web platform. “UMH system” is accurately optimized for Google and Yandex, expedite, rapid, embedded with all required functionality and can be altered for various requirements. All these functions and more allow to increase the amount of your potential customers promptly and effectively.
Since 2011, we developed and successfully launched over 50 websites, that justified spending and produced profit. You can view our projects in the Portfolio section. Portfolio.


Shop Online
This is your trading system on the Internet, providing the ability to tremendously increase sales of your products or even start their own business.
  • Full access to e-shop
  • Add and edit an unlimited number of pages
  • Add and edit an unlimited number of products
  • Update module prices
  • The system of registration of users on the Web site
  • Working with database users, send notifications
  • Filling of 30 text pages
  • Add and edit content on the web (graphic and text information)
  • Search the web site
  • Map website
  • Contact Form
  • Use manual management system training +
  • Dates: from 34 days.
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Corporate website

Corporate Site
A continuously updated web resource that has loyal customers, who should always be informed of the company. Suitable primarily for large companies, a leader in its market segment and seeks to become one.
  • Product Catalog
  • Gallery
  • Add and edit an unlimited number of pages
  • Manage Categories and Sections
  • Adding and editing content (ability to add images, text boxes, flash-clips)
  • Filling of 20 text pages with search engine optimization (we provide)
  • Set counter statistics
  • Contact Form
  • Search the web site
  • Sitemap
  • Internal optimization for further progress
  • Use manual management system training +
  • Dates: 24 days.
Corporate Site
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Business site

Website Card
Business site - a universal solution for small and medium businesses, which will allow to make themselves fully explain the essence of their work on the Internet.
  • Unique Content Management System (UMH system)
  • TK Development
  • Individual design
  • News
  • Contact Form
  • domain name registration
  • Set counter statistics
  • Study usability
  • Use manual management system training +
  • Module for photo gallery
  • The module for video
  • Make-up to 5 pages with search engine optimization
  • Dates: from 14 days.
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Landing Page (Landing)

Landing Page (Landing)
The target landing page or landing page & mdash; page that opens after clicking on the advertisement. As a rule, it is a logical continuation of the ads and & laquo; sharpened & raquo; under the commission of the target action. Targeted actions may be buying, sending the application, newsletter subscription, registration. The main objective of the landing page & mdash; conversion of visitors into customers.
Landing Page (Landing) 2
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