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Comprehensive package of promotion

Within one day you will receive referrals from Google and Yandex through PPC-advertising (pay per click)

* All packages are not restricted and are calculated for each client individually.

Choosing a comprehensive package promotion from us, you choose:

1. squeezed like a lemon audience come to you absolutely complete.
2. The maximum girth advertising platforms.
3. Quality Assurance, proven over the years.
4. Monthly reports on the progress (in the case of the super package weekly).
5. A well-tuned advertising campaign (the semantic core (Selection of key words and phrases), link building, writing Seo-text created advertising and promotional ads, only the choice of the target audience)
6. Prompt and effective response to the campaign, continuous improvement thereof.
7. If you order the advertising campaign on the Internet - You can also order an advertising campaign that can be touched, like in Odessa, in Ukraine.
8. In the face of us, you will find everything from the first steps in the Internet business (creation of site or group in the social. Networks) to the marathon (a comprehensive package of promotion), where you are always on one site!

ГThe main advantage of Maximum package – unique group design